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As the base of the project we have used simple principles. Opportunity to receive helpful information- for clients and to highlight the image and status -for company.


During the website development we strive to solve complex task:to unite usabilitys with modern design. Only proper location of information in combination with pleasant colour gamma makes website maximally comfort for usage.


Colours and fonts







Noto Sans


When people ask me a question about the key of succesfull website, my answer is always the same: combination of simple things like usabilitys , unique design,which emphasizes the features of the company and modern web and adaptive technologies for the ability to view website on PC or on different mobile devices.

Alexey Korol

Director of “DiWeb”


Landing page

The project is based on a modular layout system, which helps to clearly structure the information, preventing visual overload of the screen. Thanks to the rhythmic arrangement of elements and individual visual effects (movement and scaling of images when hovering over them), dynamics is achieved. The page is "live" and focuses the user's attention on the key points.

The main page is made in Landing Page format, but many users are more interested in internal pages. Therefore, the site provides a convenient menu of the second level, simplifying navigation while maintaining a well-organized and simple structure.

For the website developed a simple, and therefore the most comfortable and convenient form of feedback, which is not imposed on the user, but at the right time is close.


The page "Services"

The page "Services" is exactly what users are looking for, so we paid special attention to its development. The page contains important information, divided into logical blocks, between which unobtrusively implemented buttons to order a call and make an appointment. Only the most necessary for the user to make an informed choice and become a client of the company.

Working on the website, we sought to achieve several goals: on the one hand – to sustain the site in a restrained, somewhere even conservative style, on the other – to entertain the user with a non-standard approach and show the world something new, different from competitors. After completing the project, we can say – we were able to implement these ideas! The client is fully satisfied with the developed design and functionality, and now the site attracts new customers.

Adrian Hrapitski

UI/UX designer


Specialists and reviews

Users trust live people, so we decided to create separate pages with information about the company's specialists. The information is structured and surrounded by a friendly design.

Users trust live people, so we decided to create a separate page to post reviews from customers. The information is structured and surrounded by a friendly design.


Text page

The basis of the project is pages with visual information and a minimum of texts. However, separate pages have been created specifically for textual information. Text and illustrations are harmoniously combined to help the user better understand the information.


Several icons


In all more than 30 unique pages

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